Care Instructions

All pieces come with a small re-sealable bag under the velvet in your jewelry box. Store your piece (one item in one bag) airtight to keep them at their best condition.


Sterling Silver

To keep your sterling silver shining, avoid contact with harsh chemicals, perfumes, perspiration or chlorinated water. Tarnish over time is normal but there are many simple, natural ways to remove tarnish from your sterling silver. 


With proper care and storage, gold-filled jewelry is very durable. Avoid humidity and rough wear to maximize its quality. Harsh chemicals like perfumes, hairspray and certain lotions can affect your jewelry. For extra care, gently wipe the piece of jewelry from any products with a very soft jewelry cloth.


Plating on item may fade overtime. To maximize the lifespan of your plated jewelry, avoid contact with harsh chemicals, hair products, perfumes, perspiration and limit its exposure to water. Store in an airtight bag provided.